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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 29, 2012 2:15pm-3:30pm EDT

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i think of as much up. writing novels is kind of lobbyo but been.hump? >> what get you over that for some?ting in th >> alloys said characters ories i wante floating around in my head his stories i wantwe to tell and evt today when i read a novel forhat have a plot of land alloys haveh characters in mind.of usually people who showed up in some earlier novel. it's fine. way miles from almost all one layer the other cop thrillers are mysy mysteries.them. use of situations. n. givg awa >> are not going to give away ending.
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>> it's a to say he was in peace it's but house of representatives. se >> that's correct. like messrs. remember that the house impeachment, like an indictment. the first half of the book im involves the impeachment. riller a courtroom thriller builds around what's the impeachmental, trial -- impeachment trial had n beene, light. i read this as a fan of lincoln, not as a file. >> been talking to him at the national book festival. this you want to know how it turns out here's the. thank you for joining us. >> nationally syndicated radio kept -- nationally syndicated radio host hugh hewitt contends that the president's tenure has been defined by a lack of preparation and for decision. this is just over an hour. >> thank you.
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when i came out to california in 1989 to oversee the construction of the library for president nixon the first person i turned to was cindy quinn who -- i was 20 at the time when i took over the library. sandy was 30. we have grown up together around the library. it's a wonderful to be back. i'm glad you mentioned my friend his book will be a tremendous best seller. so if you have a chance come back. he is in fact performing in memphis the weekend after next. he has a great role in memphis which will be at the pantages. a brilliant and wonderful speaker. come out to hear him. we've been friends since we were too. rao the city to the other radio in los angeles. like to point out that we're all
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graduates of the university of michigan law school. different years. larry is older than i am. and is a little bit younger, but the three of us all graduated from law school. now one of us has been invited back to campus to speak. go figure. three nationally syndicated talk show hosts with a lot of audience and none of us have been invited back. every five years i invited back to harvard to be the person that this town. that the chief of staff and director of the peace corps and communications director. duval patrick is the governor of massachusetts. grover norquist. it's like groundhog day every side -- every five years before us identify our class. we have the only two conservatives the gun and of harvard.
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the rest of us just throw things at us. it's always amusing commute the series is very good. come back in november bummer doing when it -- william henry harrison. it's a very short program. you don't want to miss that one. and such a presidential merit i visited his tomb. his tomb is in a small town along the ohio river in southeastern ohio commanders as an eternal flame which may have been up for decades and no one had noticed. as it to car parking lot. it really does. a two car parking lot. you really have to go out of your way. i'll give you a little bit of presidential history as well. for those of you watching on c-span and she had been to the nixon library it is a remarkable place. i have never met anyone who came here and did not think it was an extraordinary visit would
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against nixon by times which only one of the person in history of the united states could you give of for or against five times, franklin delano roosevelt. he could vote on the national ticket five times. so if you're in a national audience watching on -- watching on c-span to come to the nixon library. here's my presidential trivia. there are only four colleges in the united states which have graduated presidents and starting quarterbacks in the super bowl. what are those? so good thinking right now. i'll give you the easiest one of wall. the united states naval academy. jimmy carter. that's pretty easy. the university of michigan which i already mentioned, gerald ford and some pretty. of course the starting quarterback for the navy was roger stop back. and if you think, california,
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it's pretty easy to come up with stanford for much harder graduated and promote jim and john denver graduated, but starting quarterback in the super bowl. then last one is really hard but have given you a clue. have already said his last name. benjamin harrison who matriculated at miami university of ohio and who is a quarterback , been in office burger of that team purpose per that shall not otherwise be named. so that's a little presidential trivia for you, and i also always give a little mix and stir when i come back. thinking to prepare my remarks when latter is being built. sandino's as well as i do. the real director of the nixon library was richard nixon. he designed and oversaw it and every detail was of interest to him. but probably the thing he was
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least interested in was a room which is even here anymore, the domestic policy room which has been redone. the league kind of such a together at the last minute. one of those exhibits was about the endangered species act. president nixon as you may or may not know, greatest of a terminal president in the history of the united states son and heir the clean water act, clean air act and the endangered species act. i have been an environmental lawyer. the endangered species act and the clean water act. and even then after couple of years of practice in the area of endangered species i knew it was as cruel plot. terrible. doesn't work. costs an enormous amount of money, destroys life, opportunities, seizes property. i said to him back in new jersey one day, what were you thinking when you signed this document and he said, it seemed like a good idea at the time. that was the full extent of president nixon's consideration
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of the endangered species act. i said that more as an justification for oversight. a dimension as a begin to talk about this book, it is informed by my three carriers which can be mentioned. radio talk-show host independent i'm also a law professor and a lawyer. on the lopper forced to tell what professor right around here, chapman university school of law grad and a member of the faculty for 15 years since we opened the door teaching constitutional law as part of a truly extraordinary faculty and the law school over 15 years which is gone from not affiliated and not existing to in the top or second top tier of the united states law schools. it is led by dean tom campbell, an extraordinary scholar and a wonderful leader of the law school and is an enormously diverse place. a faculty that goes from left to right and center, graduates and a practicing law across the united states, passed the bar. it's a great comic replace to teach law. i wrote the brief against obama with the fact in mind that i
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have a lot of liberal friends on the cali. my colleagues and the faculty. law professors are quite compulsive but the level of the scholarship. when you read something that you want to have available to your colleagues it has to be overwhelmingly document to and fed noted. and a brief against obama there are 45 pages of footnotes and 235 pages of text. and so when i tell you anything and make a statement about the president tonight and about his record to find in a brief against a llama. and as documentation that takes you executory confine the fact that i cite, the quotations that i put forward in the arguments that i make because i have in mind that when the law school to you reconvenes. i'll leave a copy of the button each of my liberal colleagues mailbox. were actually a wonderful faculty.
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we stand back-to-back. there are about 50 of the other ones. that's about hair. and we have to abide by just wanted to make sure that it would stand up to the most rigorous analysis. the second part of it is, a lawyer. sandy mentioned to my law firm. we have been practicing law for many, many years. while i practice in endangered species law, not a trial lawyer. some apollo work, but mostly administrative law. my partners are all trial lawyers. they bring trial lawyers sensibilities to arguments. how many of you are trial lawyers? i usually have some show up. any of this? there are different than you and i. they're not normal people. trial lawyers are aggressive, fact driven, argumentative. they like the confrontation across the bar. my colleagues, especially tim cook. they are all tremendously
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skilled and all our young associates, trial lawyers. i began this book by sitting down with gary because carey is among the best trial lawyers in the united states. he is hired by the biggest corporation in the united states to represent an allegation has been made that their product and service has injured someone. and so he has to persuade juries all the time of the correctness of his arguments. and i was interested in writing a book that would persuade people of the correctness in my arguments, not merely fire up the troops, but to persuade an independent voter or an undecided voter or a wavering democrat or wave republican one where the other that they really are about to vote for president obama. if you make it promised you had better of captive of the jury will hear about it in closing arguments.
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one of the lost accomplice's trial lawyers medical devices and pharmaceuticals as well as claims made against the provider sadly sometimes severely injured and sometimes even killed. also my law partner. and no party works to win. the interrogation with experts and witnesses of victims and defendants. he loves to go to trial with lesser hearts want to settle and he is forever declines to another have done no wrong to press on to a jury. gary loves jerry's and believes that nowhere in the world as their a better model than the american civil justice system he loves a variety of pet tetzel's jurors. how many of you have served on the jury? >> thanks to all of you for showing up.
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fax mater to juries. the juries are by and large fair. if you promise to show them fact that exonerate your client and you do show them those facts you have a great chance of winning. it is that simple. the idea of a fair trial has been drilled into every juror over a lifetime of media, and that judge hammer someone already deeply imbedded idea of doing one's duty by the republic if you have the facts you win. the appointed counsel as the taxi once. the one who fails to deliver will lose. jurors know they have been cheated. you cannot hope to cheat the jury. what you promise you have to deliver. i put that on page two, much to my regret because whenever i'm with gary he says he wrote the book now. one page out of the book. trial lawyer for you. i put that there because the way
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i approach this. i wanted to write a book that would persuade people not to vote for president obama, and i knew it had to be fact based because of my professorial background and that he would have to be argumentative, but i knew i had to make it work with independent people who are not otherwise disposed to agree with me. and therefore i consulted a trial lawyer and he said, if you overpromise and you don't deliver, you lose. what i did to begin this book is i went back and made it very long, all the promises president obama made, of the predictions that he put forward and all of the polemics that he used. chapter begins with a quotation or a series of quotations from president obama not later -- not earlier than 2007. i'm not interested in what he did as a young man. i'm interested in what he promised to do as a candidate or what he predicted would happen as a result of his action or the
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language that uses a candid our president. when i think you stack it up he did not deliver. in fact and he is a serial failure when it comes to delivering on his promises. therefore i don't believe he is owed your vote or anyone's vote based upon what he said he would do and did not do, based upon what he predicted would happen and did not happen. based upon what was the most cyber partisan set of rhetorical devices that we have seen in the modern presidency. amtrak to come back in a moment. a lot to talk about another book. i wrote it with a great confidence that he was going to win and with the bold prediction that john mccain could not win the presidency.
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a great american but allows a republican and a terrible senator. and i was sadly correct. not only was he a terrible candid in the middle of the crisis, probably even the best gadgets could not have survived. a financial crisis with an incumbent president that was been wrongly at the seat of george bush in the republican party when it goes back to democratic house important -- but nevertheless i wrote in that book that romney would make a great presidential nominee. i didn't know who the nominee would be. it's not a book about romney. i was proven remarkably impressionable by the 2007 book. the dean of the columbia school of journalism.
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the new yorkers national political reporter and always the go to guy for national political stories. the profile the in 2005 for the new yorker. it was a very nice piece. he told his liberal democratic leaders, the most influential conservative you ever heard of. okay. [laughter] that's okay, i guess. i don't really speak to the manhattan crowd, the your crowd. how many of you describe to the new yorker? i rest my case. he had read that and remembered that i've written this book about romney. what do you think now? have read the book. no, i haven't. go back and read in and coming back. he did. he called me back in about a week. what do you think of the book?
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we talked about it. in fact, i made predictions about this campaign which have come to be true, how ban would be mitt romney's greatest vulnerability. how the mormon issue would not be an issue of great significance, although it will be used by the president closing days of the campaign. i'm quite confident because he is losing and will get desperate. primarily with the book was about, the enormous capacity. the law to begin by saying the only reason that the president obama could win reelection based upon the work is if we republicans, and as a week, i am a republican, if the nominee that terrible candid. if the nominated someone who would not win the confidence of americans. luckily we nominated in extremely well qualified individual who is really -- ready to be president for state. nick asked me to summarize it with an example. i don't know if it's going to
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make it to the peace in october, but i wanted to tell you i think romney, such a great nominee before i go back to the president in the brief against obama. they are marvelous, extraordinary. always fun to watch olympic games, whether winter or summer. when romney was asked to take over the olympic games they were scandal-plagued and broke. they have the sponsors. no one wanted to be near them. it was a nightmare and a disaster. an enormous success. seventy countries sent about 2,000 athletes to the participate in 72 events across on tv news. also a client of the federal government.
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many local jurisdictions all through it utah because the venue was not in one city. the international olympic committee, the united states allowed the committee, the zero of the committee of each of the nations that were participating in the organizing committee of each of the sports that were vault. in addition to that you have all of the sponsors that you had. you have the international media . an audience of billion people. at the end of those games everybody saluted mitt romney for his organizing ability. everybody was happy with the 2002 olympics which came from the edge of despair and disaster to an enormous and nationally recognized success. we need that camera capability. that kind of capability would be displayed increasingly throughout this campaign as it was in the veterans of foreign wars speech in the piece -- speech in israel protested to be
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, i think, a plan unfolding in real time. people who have been concerned about the campaign said to me it's not aggressive enough. campaign with 100 plus days left in it. those numbers are getting fewer and fewer. that's after the convention. i'm very confident about romney. here is why i'm confident about the election. a terrible record as is documented in the brief. we have a very good candidate, and we have electrodynamics which i think are very strong in favor of there public. let me explain that. yet to win 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. two-thirds of them are already pretty much decided. we know that texas is going to vote for mitt romney. we know that new york and california are going to vote for president obama. we just know that.
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that is -- national polls don't even help you very much. almost beside the point to the extent they include people from states which are not in any way competitive. what we know is that there are ten key states and three not city-state's. of those we know that indiana and north carolina are certain wines for mitt romney. democrats will try and tell you, were going to win north carolina. not even close. president obama won it. traditionally red sea state. an enormous turnout. it will not be able to replicate. a lot of its independence and seven democrats that they would give the democrats try. i'm not worried about north carolina. it hit the indiana border. but those two in romney's column.
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as to when four plus one. he as to when these four states that i am about to mention, florida, ohio, and virginia. excuse me, three states. did so many, wisconsin, new hampshire. those are fundamentally favorable electrodynamics. i'm going to walk through the specifics in each of these. to designate president obama won florida by a grand total of 237,000. obama one ohio by a grand total of two ordered 50,000. pennsylvania was kind of a wipeout. carried by president obama by $620,000. wisconsin, smaller state and ohio, smallest it and florida, bigger vote margin. the census was carried by 410,000 votes for president
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obama. new hampshire win for obama by 68,000. a smaller number, but smaller state. fewer votes to pick up. i will let for obama by 136,000 votes and colorado went for one by 130,000. i told those up because the total up to about 2 million. for mitt romney to win the presidency he has to change about 0 million mines. he has to take 2 million of those voters in change and million of their minds. actually ferlies do. a very small number. do you realize that the campaign will spend approximately $2 billion on each side, more than $2,000 per vote will be spent. into those campaigns -- and three other states matter a little bit. michigan, nevada, and mexico. if they come on for its home state son romney, the election is over. nevada, new mexico, very difficult to imagine going for
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romney at this point. it might go in a landslide. at the they will, but that's not where you bet the farm. here's how you get to the romney 270. he is going to win florida, and i know you follow the polls, some of you do. it says it neck-and-neck. the head back appoints. in fact of the sophisticated polling to run the is significantly ahead in florida, going to not have to put marco rubio on the ticket. it is a state that is fundamentally a republican state and growing more so as demographic changes continue to increase. the population from the northeast down and to florida. ohio, which is my home state, is pretty easy for me to predict. i go there a lot. going there on thursday for five days. at try and stay in touch, not with political elites in columbus, the the governor is a wonderful governor. i like to talk to, believe it or not, people in ohio, my hometown, uniontown, a democratic town, not an obama
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town. to they want the industry to continue unimpeded in its spread of wealth and jobs. the first to a new steel plants have opened in the last four years. they produce piping for the fracking industry which president obama wants to shut down. ohio is not going to vote to give up its jobs by turning them over to the epa. if rob portman is a member of the ticket, that will solidify the ohio look, but i don't even think it's necessary. a very solid yes vote. the hardest of those states, virginia. virginia is hard to predict. the home of a very good senate campaign by george allen against a very good democrat, tim kane. both are former governors. there is a large military and reservists vote in virginia. that vote is sponsoring decidedly against president obama because he is definitely against the military, cutting what ought to be a 313 ship navy
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below 200 navy ships. cutting 20,000 marines and 8,000 army and another 20,000 sailors and airmen from the rolls. he has canceled the f-22 and numerous other weapon systems. he is messing around with military pay, benefits, retirement, and that should put mitt romney over the top in virginia, but it is a close state because of the facts. the least recession impacted state in the union is virginia. the reason the viejo is the least impact of state is because the only industry that has been a growth industry in the last four years is the government. there is no recession in washington d.c. i go there quite frequently. there are cranes all over the city. the place is awash in money. the employment numbers are significantly better than the rest of the country because we spend and spend and spend other states money. washington d.c., and that has an impact in the northern virginia suburbs. virginia will be a cat fight,
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and a lot of people have overlooked governor bob mcdowell as a possible vice presidential nominee along with it romney. i don't, but i think he probably is going to get viejo anyway. so i'm feeling very good about those three states. he needs just one more. from all the other states combined. pennsylvania, wisconsin, new hampshire, colorado, michigan, nevada, new mexico. he needs one more state. can he get that? yes. easily. i am personally optimistic about pennsylvania. if anyone has been watching tonight, of pennsylvania when the polls close at 7:00 on election night, 4:00 our time, if they cannot call it for barack obama immediately mitt romney has won the election, not in pennsylvania, but nationally. if they can't call it for him immediately that means national terms. so you will know what four-o'clock whether or not mitt romney is going to be the president. if they can't put pennsylvania into that, and it's over. if they can put it in the round,
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it's not over. it's not only overcome its 1980. it's a wipeout which is very possible. we believe that the president is stuck at 44% in the gallup which is the granddaddy of them all. you can't get any further. there is nothing to commend him hire, absent an international crisis. but absent bonds falling or a war breaking out somewhere, i don't know how we can recover from 44%. no president, republican or democrat has done so. at this point in the campaign george bush was at 40%. he had been one point lower three weeks earlier. forty-seven person is a list george w. bush went in 2004. he climbed steadily back up until the get the 54% before the election. in 1996 when bill clinton was running for reelection, at this point in the campaign he was not
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at 44%. he was at 504%. that is that 10 percent difference president obama has so destroyed the confidence of his own party in an independence that he is lagging ten points behind where bill clinton was. he is in terrible political say and for reasons i will review here shortly he is going to get worse before it gets better. i personally believe that 44 percent is a ceiling, not a floor. that is, inflated. my friend, great assistant to richard nixon, ronald reagan speech writer and adviser has long argued that there is no such thing as a bradley effect. the bradley effect is named for mayor tom bradley of los angeles when he ran against george deukmejian did not do as well in the final balloting is he had been doing in the polling. for years pundits have ascribe that to the brad the affected people are free to say they're not going to vote for african-american because they
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don't want to be up to the prejudice he they're talking anonymously to pollsters. and he has all the data, and i believe him, but i believe that even if the bradley effect was not true in 1982, latest here in 2012. there is a significant number of people, not for reasons related to race, but for reasons related to the nature of the democratic partisanship who are refusing to tell pollsters that they're not going to vote for president obama. there are quite frankly scared of the machine. and if you are a fan of chick-fil-a you know what i'm talking about. [applause] interestingly enough their is a potential vice presidential pick for each of these regions in each of the states. if you pick chris christie that would mean that governor romney was thinking of making a huge play for pennsylvania because new jersey media market is heavily covered in philadelphia
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suburbs of philadelphia suburbs of the key to philadelphia. christie plays well in the philadelphia suburbs and the plaza national game very welcome back to ameristar and charismatic figure, not likely to be the vice-presidential nominee, but if he is if that means they're going for broke and pennsylvania. of course temple into i personally predict has been predicting for some time will be the vice-presidential nominee. minnesota is a pretty far reach. a republican candidate. we did not carry it in 1980. 1984. of course that was a multitude of walter mondale's home state. twice elected not only has the potential to put minnesota in play, he has enormous appeal in wisconsin and incredible blue-collar roots and ability to connect with people that is rare among elected officials on television and radio. at the key is the best out there. i have interviewed scores and scores. of course senator portman makes a higher pretty much a lock. senator rubio pretty makes makes
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florida all locked and he can play quite effortlessly in that in campaign which is ongoing even as we speak. telemundo and all the other spanish that works and spanish media across the united states. lots of americans who are latino descent to are absolutely citizen voters and are going to vote in great numbers, listen to a lot of spanish television and a lot of spanish radio and whether it is univision or in spanish radio to have a candidate who is fluent in spanish as a considerable advantage of advantage to participate in this campaign . the senator would have an enormous impact, as would governor bush for that matter. famously flood in spanish, but i think at the end of the day will number one, don't hurt yourself. rule number two, when one state and when the vice-president to debate. i think that adds up to the governor or senator, and we will see. so how to move a million voters in these ten states. now have already told you, mitt
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romney is extraordinarily well qualified and proving that. speech after speech, the speech in israel and the speech before the veteran foreign war was great, and i assume the convention speech will be all month. and and so the question will come down to the argument that is made about president obama, and it is not really going to be an argument so much as it will be about reminding people. when i set out to do the brief against obama isolated out. actually get my radio audience. how many of the listen to the radio show. thank you. how many of you call the show? isn't that remarkable. i always ask people. for people. if i have been me, nice. i'm not rochon to even my liberal colors, but it is interesting that that is about four out of 200 plus people who have actually called the radio show. pick up the phone. it is a national show. in 100 cities. people could call from all over. when i got the idea for the brief i said, hey, what is the
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worst thing that president obama has done? they could have gone for a couple of days. i just made a list. no friend of israel. left netanyahu in the basement. that came up a lot. he did not help the iranian revolution. unemployment is at such and such a raid at such and such a time, and i just made a long list. i had a list of more than 50 suggestions. i whittled down to 24. the 25th chapter is a summary chapter. let me read to you the table of contents. and that's going to go through each of these. you need to buy the book. the nightmare of obamacare. a failed stimulus. to the biggest spendthrift in history heaps. the committee organizers collapsed housing. smelling -- swelling their roles . soaring gas prices and green energies games.
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the fast and furious to bought the land cover-up, the president's attack on the catholic, congress, and the constitution, standing by as iranians died. abandoning israel, hauling of the american military, resetting the russian-born, ignoring border security and a ballot to china, ignoring the north tarriance, named a stay in the hairspring, get no, and the trials of terrorists, that partisanship of the chicago. unilateralism of an anti constitutional president, the fumbler and chief and his teleprompter dependents and finally a number of rounds of golf he has played, the argument and followed by the decline in despair rhetoric. it is a pretty good list. it is a pretty good list. [applause] em, what i wanted to do is to equip people with fund backs and no and tell. i'm not going to run through them all, but i'll give you a couple.
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in january of 2009 the president's council on economic and rises put out a report that the president later referenced and endorsed that said that is guaranteed that if the stimulus were passed as it was that unemployment would never rise above 8%. in fact, unemployment has never been below 8%. forty-one months. that is a jagged record of disappointment and incompetence that cuts at the heart, not just of the unemployed, but of the employed to worry about their jobs in the family members of the unemployed. let me ask for a show of hands. how many of you know someone who has lost their job in the last four years. almost nearly universal call 100 percent. it did not have to happen. it was a choice that was made, not intentionally with the effect of raising unemployment
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to the highest this state level since the great depression, but an intentional choice that resulted in that that many people told him would result in that. fun factor. $878 billion spent on the stimulus. can anyone point to anything that it build? you can say solyndra. generally speaking, no. who is a friend to my jonathan adler on my show frequently. a columnist, and i quote him. he has written a couple of great books about president obama and fdr. came on the radio with me. as said, hey. 878 billion. well, it helped the recovery. what did it by? well, we have made some improvements on rte. one in new jersey. he said that. i quote him. you know, the problem is, you can't point to anything.
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i begin to educate him and others about the works progress administration. in 1933 when the works progress administration was put into place by fdr it began to pay for things. it did it in a very unusual way. we will pay for 45% of anything you want to build right now. right now. state and local government got together and came up a long list of building projects that were genuinely shovel ready or which they would make sure we're ready . i . people often in my speeches. my first job of high-school. still open today. it was built with dollars and local dollars. i was talking about this recently was one of my law partner, tim cook. joseph timothy cut is from the jersey. the high-school was constructed in 1936 after -- excuse me, 1935 after a process of 14 months using wpa money. when that money came on line, the city fathers of ramsey, new
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jersey get together and said, let's build a school. they found the land to raise the money. and was open in 14 months. its stance to this day with a wpa marker on it. still high-school of ramsey because that is how you do public works projects if you want to get them done. you don't give $800 million to solyndra to put into the private pockets of the president's crony capitalist friends. you don't give billions of dollars to state governments to pass pensions which are going broke nevertheless. you don't -- have all use the crude word, but you don't lead get away, and that is what happened with $878 billion. that is an accountability principle that people have to step forward with an incomes up to the president. those are fun facts to know. case after case after case. then all we have to do is remind people of certain words and phrases. i say fast and furious you know when i talked about.
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if i said solyndra, you know what talking about. this is not hard. the campaign will be reminding people of all that he has done and said. i want to read to you my three favorite obama quotes. from september 30th to the 11 in a speech, in an interview he had with wesgh t v jim payne in orlando florida this is a great country that has gone soft. a month later at a fund-raiser in san francisco president obama's says, we have lost our ambition, imagination, and willingness to do the things that built the golden gate bridge and the hoover dam. a month later in a white, we have been a little bit lazy of the last couple of decades. i don't believe we are lazy. i don't believe we have lost our ambition. i don't believe that we are in any way on our back and that the
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american century is over. i also don't believe that the private sector is doing fine, and i don't believe that you didn't build that. i don't believe any of that. [applause] the very best arguments to make against president obama are his own statements. i want to wrap up by talking about the third book that i would mention. i wrote this book the and 1998. it's called in but not out. it just came out again released by thomas nelson in paperback because it continues to sell year after year after year. for younger evangelicals who want to influence the world. i bring it up because the evangelical and orthodox and roman catholic and all tax jewish and the social issues are much overlooked right now. in fact, i don't recall a time since the early 80's when
2:58 pm
evangelicals community and the roman catholic community come orthodox jewish community has been as motivated as it is right now. and i say that because of the hhs regulations, primarily, but also because -- and i think is chick-fil-a story is going to leave a mark. in the hhs regulations this. when the health and human services department came out and said that every catholic college in every catholic hospital in every catholic organization that was not itself a specifically organized church had to provide birth control, sterilization, morning after opposed to all of its employees. the fundamental right of americans to worship as they see fit, organizes they see fit, and to be left alone by the government as they identify as religious believers. on friday july 207th the district court in denver, colorado, struck down the hhs regulations as applied to a
2:59 pm
private firm made up of roman catholics exclusively that provide greater health benefits of their employees. they will not provided birth control sterilization and the morning after pill because they consider to be an assault on their religion as this. when the president did not withdraw those regulations but, in fact, double down the, he awoke it giant in america called the roman catholic church. he is going to rue the day that he did that command of tell you why. there is a great myth in western storytelling. dates back to the eliot. the super hero who was asleep. you wonder where that super hero is. achilles will not come out because he is mad at the others. rage. he only comes out after he has been threatened. dealt with. and the room because the church
3:00 pm
basically left the field of politics in 1968 and has not been effectively energized in politics for 40 years. they are now back. they're led by cardinal timothy dolan. the ships up and down this country laypeople up and down this country, religious up and down this country who believe that the obama administration rightly has leveled a direct attack on their ability to be catholic. that is not going to pass unnoticed in states like ohio, michigan, pennsylvania where the catholic vote is huge and motivated and not happy with president obama. secondly, that chick-fil-a story , this has just begun to roll out, but everyone already knows about it. ..
3:01 pm
>> the third story i asked about was the 1.5% gdp growth, the horrible growth number, and, again, less than half a percent. the chick-fil-a story was just a day ole. everybody heard about chick-fil-a. it was one of those stories that moves by social media, by e-mail, by tfn, and conversation about the church peat owe, in a group like this, or your friends, and it outrages people. it outrages even supporters of same-sex marriage. it outrages, as i had on the
3:02 pm
radio show today, gay people. they don't want people bullied over their religious faith, and when rahm tries to beat up the keys of chick-fil-a or the mayor of boston or san fransisco, those are democrat friends of the president, and the president didn't say stop. it's the president's policy to persecute chick-fil-a means the president and his friends persecute anyone who disagrees with them if he's reelected. it is that prospect of re-election i want to close with and take your questions. a lot of americansmented the president to do -- americans wanted the president to do well. they did. in the last wednesday of the presidency, president bush invited a half dozen talk show hosts, and i was honored to be among them, back to the oval office to have a conversation, going to be in office six more days, off the record conversation, and i won't quote the president, but mark was
3:03 pm
there, a couple other buddies, and the president's message was, and not quoting him, but the message in the room was give the new guy a chance. it's a hard job. let the president to do the best by the country, and i think most of us did and still don't want him to be an absolute disaster. he's just proven to be a disaster. [laughter] i believe had he moved to the center, anything than govern hard left as is documented, again, the brief against obama is not a polemic, but a fact based book, chapter and verse. if he would have moved across the aisle, he would be a two term president, but only by going hard left and buying completely partisan rhetoric, calling paul ryan to beat up on him in public, accusing doctors of wanting to grab people and cut their tonsils out, and if
3:04 pm
you liked your health insurance, you could keep it, and if you like your doctor, you can keep them, that's been broken. calling on republicans to have dirty air and dirty water. that's not consistent with our values. all we have to do is remind people we don't want four more years of chicago style politics, and what happens if he's relegislated and he's not even restrained by the prospect of the re-election campaign? if that happens, the hhs regulation, recess appointments when the senate is not in, executive order, setting aside law and creates a new work permit without the dream act kids. whether or not you're for or against it, he act contrary to law.
3:05 pm
he's acted in a wreckless way. i don't know what the next four years would be. we have to remind people about that. i'm an optimist. i think we're going to win, win the senate as well, whether it's connie mack in florida or george allen in virginia or josh mandell in ohio where senate seats in missouri, nebraska, north dakota, montana, new mexico, wisconsin, michigan, we have a lot of great seats, defend scott brown, save him and massachusetts, and there's other places we could be in trouble. maine, we'll probably lose that. i'm a realist. we'll win the senate and house. here's the real challenge. republicans get one more chance. they don't get to do again what they did in 2004, which is not take their mandate and reform. they don't get two years. i hope speaker boehner and soon to be majority leader mcconnell sit down with mitt romney that they have 100 days to reform medicare, reform
3:06 pm
social security, got to get spending under control, and it can't be like business as usual. they will be tempted to do that. republicans hold meetings and think about it a long time. they can't do that. they absolutely have to come out of the gate, blasting for reform, they have to rebuild the military, get the 313 chips, restore the terrible cuts the put in place. if they do it, democrats screams, the media screams, but the american people applaud and will be rewarded with a long period of time in time and power. if not, we'll go home. mitt romney will have the same problem obama had. he made the same promises. he's got to live up to them, a reform that obama made. i'm hoping that when we gather hen a year from now, that we'll have a set of prompts delivered upon, and maybe a new book. now, one last thing -- [laughter]
3:07 pm
i said they'd spend $2 billion in search of a million votes. i think the obvious thing is to buy a million copies of "the brief against obama" and leave them around the state; right? giving that i don't think the romney campaign does that, i'll encourage you to buy the book and give to a democrat. read it, give it to a democrat, and ask them -- maybe an independent, someone who has not decided. ask them to respond specifically to the aferghts. it's not going to embarrass you. it's not crazy talk. you know, i believe the president was born in hawaii, okay? i'm really radical in that regard. i think he's a citizen, and i think he's a good guy, a nice dad, and i wouldn't mind having a beer with the guy given joe biden doesn't come along. [laughter] i wouldn't. [applause] he's not qualified to be the president. he's in over his head. it's been a disaster.
3:08 pm
thank you for coming and agreeing with me tonight. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, hugh. he agreed to answer questions before he goes in the lobby and signs a million copies of the great new book. the first question is this gentleman right here. >> i'm kendal bolen. with obama care, how do you see the positions in the medical profession voting? with the military cutbacks, how do you see the military voting, and how do you see the jewish community voting? >> great questions. i know a new super pack is forming, doctors and parties against obama, and i assume that will be funded by doctors and
3:09 pm
health care providers because they realize the president is destroying health care and the president did not understand what he was signing. no one read the bill, it's a disaster, and doctors and patients together fund and vote overwhelmingly against him. the military, i believe, officers 90% voting against president obama, voting for mitt romney. they know what's happening in the military. massive cuts happening. because of the president's policies, not because of the congress. they shouldn't have agreed to the sequestering, but the president is not fixing it. he already had the gates cuts in the hundreds of billions of dollars, destroying the pentagon, withdrawing from iraq, running away from afghanistan on a date certain withdraw time lime that's encouraging the taliban. i didn't talk much about foreign affairs and threatening the benefit packages which is why the veterans signed up for and
3:10 pm
deserve it. i think they'll vote against him. finally, the jewish vote, i trust medved, trust them both, and they told me in the entire adult life they never saw the jewish-american vote so leans towards voting for republican in such strong numbers. there's one word "israel" written all over it. president obama is hose still to israel. left benjamin netanyahu in the basement, say call me if something changes, did not treat him like the best ally in the middle east and probably in the world and a democratic country at that with elected leaders in the tradition is strong and ought to be supported. mitt romney is a friend of israel, and that matters to any friend of israel, jewish or not jewish in the united states. >> thank you.
3:11 pm
>> there's agreement in the room that we need to reform large entitlement programs as you mentioned, but i think there's agreement that any effort of reform is fought tooth and nail by established senate departments so if you look ahead to january 2012, it's a choice between leaving the major entitlement programs unreformed or abandoning the filibuster in order to get the necessary reforms through. what do you think is the right course to take? >> great question. never end the filibuster. i think the filibuster has roots in constitutional government. i would never end the filibuster, but i would be aggressive in the use of reconciliation and obamacare opened up the door, the reconciliation allows you to pass something out of the senate with 50 votes plus the vice president or 51 votes, and i would be very aggressive in using that to reform social
3:12 pm
security, medicare, extend the bush tax cuts, and cut spending dramatically. i don't think we have to choose between the two, and i'm very glad that harry reid opened that door for us, and the supreme court opened that door for us. the upside of the roberts' opinion is that obama care is the tax which is counted to reconciliation revision. we don't need to have the filibuster killed. if pushed to it, though, i'd keep the filibuster. the republic is stronger than any particular financial crisis, but the republic requires deliberate balance of power, division of power, and the filibuster slows things down. that's on bigger issues, on issues that will come back up in 30-40 # years because we won this battle in 1978, 89, and then we lost it, but we need the filibuster long term. >> yeah, i agree. i'm carlos, and i agree that governor romney is qualified to be president. i see the weakness identifying
3:13 pm
with the common person. how he comes across as appealing to them. i'm just curious how you see that happening. essentially, how they all identify -- i feel people generally vote for people they identify with. if you remember president clinton, he felt our pain, and whether you agreed with him or not, he identified with the common person. how do you see governor romney? >> i'm bias on this. can governor romney identify with the common person? i spent time with him in 2006-2007 while writing the book, and i found him to be approachable and ordinary, even though he was rich then and he's rich now. i do not believe that people know that he really started out in life -- george romney started with nothing, zero, zip, penniless, driving across the country, never went to college, grew up in the automobile industry, served in wartime, took over the automobile industry, took over rambler, american motors, made himself good money, but not enormous for
3:14 pm
those years, and became the governor of michigan, left his son a good legacy of education and some capital, and mitt romney turned that into an extraordinary fortune, but he and ann lived on a budget when they were young, and what i think most appealing about him is the five boys of whom i met three, and mrs. romney, whom i met, and they are an ordinary american family. they are just -- imagine five boys running around at the age of 6, and that makes you very ordinary. he didn't kill any of them, that's a start. [laughter] i think that will come across, and all of the efforts to bring up the money and the house and the horse and all of that stuff, i don't think americans care if it comes across one on one how much money. nelson rockefeller won in new york again and again and again and again and again, and his fortune dwarf that. there are a lot of rich democrats that this issue doesn't come up.
3:15 pm
kerry did not lose because he married the heinz fortune. he lost because he was not particularly approachable. [laughter] i think that what you're concerned about is right to be concern the about, but i think as people get to know the governor, and especially the governor in the context of the family, they will believe he is, in fact, sharing their values. if not their pain of financial necessary sigh, their values. i'm confident about that actually. yes, sir? >> thank you for all you do from the clause and freedom of the united states. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. [applause] >> we had a hot primary with seven or eight candidates in the beginning. i have not seen or heard from any of them since romney was declared the winner. where are they? will they help? >> the question 1 what about the people ran against, rick
3:16 pm
santorum campaigned for mitt romney last weekend. pleased to see that. i was out of the country for a week, but he was out there, and rick santorum came in second, winning the silver medal, good friend, great american, a lot to deliver on the ticket, out there, active, and former speaker newt gingrich did the same thing two weeks ago, gave interviews. they are at the convention. i have not seen congressman paul yet do any events. [laughter] but rand paul has been supportive. governor perry has done a lot for him, helped him raise money, welcomed him to texas. i have not seen herman cain do anything yet. generally speaking, i have seen the two other finalists newt gingrich and rick santorum visible, and i have heard the other ones have been or will with the exception of congressman paul, but rand paul is doing the right thing. i'm optimistic there's not division in the party. >> hello, thank you for what you
3:17 pm
do in our lives and in so many ways. i wanted you to elaborate on what was mentioned on your show today. i'm i literate about this issue having to do with the -- this jimmy carter appointed judge making a decision. please, start with square one and take us through. >> sure. >> thank you. >> after the obamacare case was decided by the supreme court and the law was upheld, cases challenging other parts of obama care began to roll out. one of the cases had been filed in colorado by the alliance defending freedom lawyers is their website. there's a press release there. on behalf of herk manufacturing corporation. that's a privately held small business owned by four
3:18 pm
individuals, each of whom is rowman catholic providing benefits to the employees, but their health insurance was expiring, and they had to renew it, and under the mandate of obamacare, they would be obliged to offer a health insurance policy that provided sterilization, birth control, and the morning after pill to their employees. they sought to the judge that that ruling was either illegal under the religious restoration act, and the court ruledded they would grant a permanent injunction against the department of health and human services preventing them from imposing the requirement to provide birth control, sterilization, and the morning after pill because of the religious freedom restoration act, that it was in the opinion of this judge, who was a carter appointee, impossible for the government to win, that it clearly violated their rights under rrfra, and it also
3:19 pm
violated the free exercise rights. the opinion itself, a huge one, but just one court, only in denver, colorado, and now any small business owner in america can march into court and make the same claim and hope to get the same result. it's a huge loss for the obama administration, and, of course, they are not talking about it much, but we will. thank you. >> hi, i'm one of the four colleagues -- >> mark? >> yeah. the 1992 documentary, the clinton campaign, and there's a sequence with al gore giving a stump speech about the economy is up and unemployment is up and wages a down and so forth. i was wondering how do the metrics compare between the 92 campaign, the last time the incumbent was defeated and this campaign, just the economic numbers based upon that? >> great question. of course, george hw bush lost
3:20 pm
in 1990 -- 1992 so one would assume if metrics are worse than then, president obama would lose. the only comparison i know it is that george hw bush had greater growth in the second quarter of ?iew and still lost than president obama had in this quarter so the economy is worse off. i also know that unemployment is higher than it was under george walker bush. i can't say for sure, but i think the next highest unemployment rate that a president's been re-elected at was 7.2% under reagan. i can't say for sure, but i think it was under 6.5% for george hw bush. i don't know what the inflation rate or interest rate was, but the economy was in better shape in 1992 by any objective measure than it has in 2012 so president obama's in big trouble. >> hi, i just want to take the opportunity to thank you because you use your gifted brain and
3:21 pm
your considerable verbal skills, writing skills, energy, and fly all over. i'm grateful you're able to do that. >> my great pleasure, thank you. >> my question is what can little people, individual little people do the best right now to support mitt romney? i was a rick santorum supporter, and i'm grateful to have seen it play out. when everybody was played out, now it seems like we're all standing strong and firm behind mitt romney. it answered all of our questions to watch that campaign, and now what do we do as little individuals? >> glad you asked that. the most effective thing you can do is to go to register to volunteer. there's a direct dial program into the swing states. you're californians, maybe someone east in the web driving through, but you're all californians. this is the land of the damned;
3:22 pm
right? we're doomed. [laughter] we're just going to slide off into the economic hell hole that is -- [laughter] that is the future for california until we hit bottom, and then we'll rebuild. you don't -- you want to register for the purposes, and you want to senior high school tier in california to help the state ?t and congressional candidates. there's great ones that need help. if you want to do something from home, register at, they give you a virtual volunteer pack, and on the run up to the electioning you'll be calling key voters in the 10-13 states getting into the polls, and, of course, everybody, even if your budget is tight, you ought to be given $5 to the romney campaign or $50 or $5 lurks, whatever you can afford, and another senate campaign, adopt the romney campaign, one senate campaign, a minimum $10 to be a citizen of the republic. five for romney and five -- it's easy, go to the website, things an act right button, get a
3:23 pm
direct connection, 100% of the money goes to george allen, mitt romney, or denny reiberg in montana. great candidates everywhere. get involved. >> love your show, listen to your show, and i'm going to buy the book. >> thank you. >> i'm supporting my alum, trojans. >> sorry to hear that. [laughter] >> there was no level off between president clinton and president obama. today, i think it came out that the democratic convention was going to have president clinton as a real primetime speaker. is president clinton going to come to the rescue or try? >> i do think one of the things i would not rule out is secretary of state clinton becomes vice presidential nominee clinton. i don't see how a desperate president obama doesn't do everything he can to win, and it
3:24 pm
would be an improvement over biden who if i had my way, we'd give a cable channel 24/7 to to talk endlessly, but i think bill clinton will work his heart out for president obama, travel extensively as well as mrs. clinton even if she's not the nominee because they are playing a long game, and she'll run for president in 2016, and whether or not obama wins, she's going to do that, and in the easiest way to garner chips is to be a good soldier, and mitt romney is a good example who losing in 2008, turned around and did everything to get john mccain legislated which mattered to senator mccain and his supporters, and you'll see the same with bill clinton and mrs. clinton. they will be aggressive in supporting president obama. to no avail, but very aggressive. >> we have time for two more.
3:25 pm
>> you mentioned a potential national emergency. do you think something's happening with israel and attacking iran in the next few months? >> i don't know that something would happen. i believe that if it does, it will redown the benefit of president obama and my best evidence for that is 1962, jack kennedy, of course, was president, was not running for reelection, but was getting slaughtered in the polls and was supposed to lose decisively in the election, and the cuban missile crisis came, and kennedy won in 1962 # because when there is a threat to the united states or people are afraid, they quite naturally and rightly rally to their president. if there is an international crisis in october of any sort, whether triggered by iran or triggered by israel or triggered by us, it helps president obama significantly. i do not -- i don't imagine he is ambitious enough to start a
3:26 pm
war to save his presidency, but the israelis will run on their own schedule, not captive to american politics, and if iran tries to break out, they will not let it happen. iran would be well advised to break out in object of this year if only to hope that the united states is paralyzed by politics. pray that doesn't happen. >> final question from a 15-year-old high school student from san juan hills. >> hi, i'd like to say thank you because i don't learn this stuff in school, and you give it to us, and yeah. is the mrs. hewitt here? [laughter] >> when you get to ap history, california has great teachers, i don't want to paint with a broad brush, but unlike president obama, i had great great
3:27 pm
teachers, but they didn't build my business. [laughter] you'll get great teachers, be confident. question? >> that was it. [laughter] >> okay. hey, everyone, thank you so much. >> for more information, visit the author's website at >> here at the national book festival on the national mall in washington, d.c. joined by david rubenstein, a benefactor of the national book festival. what's your connection to the book festival? >> i've been involved in the library of congress for awhile, and understood that the book festival was having trouble getting funding, and so i agreed to put up $5 million to get if funded the next five years, and so that was my initial contact. subs convincely, i had additional money to make it a two day affair. it was originally a one day event, and i thought two days,
3:28 pm
today is the second day, a sunday. that's my connection, really. >> any conditions on the money or just for operating expenses? >> just to make it the best festival possible. jim billings took the idea from laura bush and made it a national event. it's an idea she had in texas. when she was first lady, brought it to washington, jim ran with the idea, didn't get the funding they would have liked, and so i helped with the funding. >> you're presenting an award, i understand, today? >> yes, i'm presenting awards to dc students who won awards for their essays about the books they have written or read and that they've written about i should say. >> when it comes to book festivals, nationwide there are festivals, are you supporting any others? >> no, i live in the washington area, so this was the best to support. there's a book festival in every country and state. the more people read, the better off the country and world is. >> what are you currently reading? >> i read about six or seven
3:29 pm
books a week. strictly fiction and books about biography and history and so forth. >> and timely, what is the carlisle group? >> carlisle group is a private equity firm i started with other people in 1987, based in washington, d.c., and we buy companies to try to improve them and ultimately sell them and get returns to our investors. >> one the benefactors of the national book festival and co-share of the carlisle group. my opponent and running mate are big believers in top-down economics. they basically think if we just spend another $5 trillion on tax cuts that favor the very wealthiest -- don't boo, vote. vote. [cheers and applause] vote. >> we got one new idea. i admit there's one thing he did not do in the first four years. he said he's going to do


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